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Hi friends! I am so glad to have you on the team!

1. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Sports Nutrition student and competitive indoor rower. I have my BS in Dietetics and I am working on my Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. After that, I will complete the year long Dietetic Internship and sit for the national Registered Dietitian exam.

2. Why nutrition? How did I get here? I grew up in a family that values quality food. Like my mother, I grew up as a vegetarian. As a dedicated high school and college athlete, I started to notice the impact that food had on my training. It really hit me when my friends began to ask me for advice. This inspired me to do my own nutrition research and I ended up changing my major and my lifestyle as a sophomore because of it. I transitioned into a vegan diet and have done the best I can to follow a whole food plant based vegan lifestyle since then.

In college, my fitness nutrition obsession really took off and my on-campus nutrition club put me in charge of re-vamping the Sports Nutrition presentation, that last I heard, is still used. Friends and teammates kept telling me about their results from my advice- increased energy, better recovery, healthy weight- and I’ve never felt so fulfilled in my life. I knew this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Fast forward a few years and now I have my bachelors degree, an ISSA certification in sports nutrition, and am completing my masters as well. At the moment, I am very focused on public health education, so I am hoping to work with closely strength coaches and other fitness professionals to better understand our community needs and how I can support them.

3. What am I doing here? I want to help you fuel your fitness. What does that mean? I believe in food as fuel. Berries and cucumbers and sprouts and oatmeal are great sources of fuel for your active body. A whole food diet will keep you moving and grooving. Cookies and fried food and soda are terrible sources of fuel. These will leave you feeling sluggish. You can't out run a bad diet! I love talking about food, and teaching about food, and learning about food, and eating food.

4. What else can I share? I love lifting heavy things and kicking boxing with my workout buddy, rowing, playing with dogs, and drinking hot chocolate.

5. Lettuce all romaine calm. I have many egg-cellent food puns up my sleeve. You butter believe it.

This is most important ---> I am not yet a Registered Dietitian. This means that I am not legally allowed to practice medical nutritional therapy. I cannot give nutrition recommendations specific to any disease or condition. What I can do is speak generally about food and nutrition, which will hopefully prompt you to ask the right questions when you see your primary care team. The purpose of my blog is to provide information, not to diagnose. Please visit any of the sources I list to double check my facts or find out more information.

Please feel free to ask me any of your nutrition questions. I love questions! If I can't answer them specifically, than I can certainly point you in the right direction.

Happy snacking!

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