Five Tips to Creating Effective Nutrition Goals

It is about to be a brand new year, and it’s time to get healthy again! The winter holidays are a wonderful time to visit with friends and family and indulge in our favorite foods and drinks. Many of us will now go out to buy some extra veggies and start our meal prepping habits up again. That is the right place to start, but we can do better than that. Having a long-term or short-term goal in mind can help keep you motivated and on track.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Your health or fitness goal should be challenging, yet attainable. This means find the right balance of something that you can actually accomplish but that is also difficult. You want to work for it!

  2. It should be positive! Don’t tell yourself that you will never eat a donut ever again. What kind of life is that? Create a goal that you want to achieve.

  3. Make sure that your goal is measurable. Telling yourself that you will get healthier is not something you can measure. The number of servings of vegetables or whole grains is an example of something you can measure each day.

  4. An effective health and fitness goal is specific. If your goal this year is to get stronger, how are you going to do that? A more specific goal would be to train at Atlas twice a week to get stronger.

  5. Set a time limit. Giving your goal a timeline or a due date can help to hold yourself accountable. You can even break down your long-term goal into smaller goals.

Another tip is to find someone to help hold you accountable for your nutrition goals. This is a key component in the Nutrition Readiness Program. You may also find a buddy with similar goals in our Facebook group.

Happy snacking everyone!

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