How To Meal Prep Like A Pro

When someone is sticking to a specific diet to support or accelerate their sports performance, it is common that they will shop for and prepare all of their meals for the week on one day. Typically a few hours on Sundays are dedicated to this. This is meal prep.

The idea is that rather than stressing to get all of your nutrients in each day and making meal decisions on the spot, you have pre planned meals that fulfill all of your daily nutrient needs. So no daily stress - just eat and continue with your day and your training.

So lets make a plan! If you are meal prepping to hit specific macros or calorie limits each day, you'll want to first look at how many meals and snacks you are eating each day. An example might be five small meals each day, or three meals and three snacks. It is whatever is most manageable for your training schedule. (My day usually looks like this: smoothie, training, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner.)

It is important to time when you are eating higher carbohydrate meals and higher protein meals. You can take a look at my posts about pre and post workout food timing to learn more.

Now the fun part -

Step 1: Pick your protein

Step 2: Choose your grain

Step 3: Select your veggies

Step 4: Add some flavor and spices

Step 5: Prepare your meals

Good luck! And happy snacking!

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