Five Things I Learned from the US Rowing Level 2 Coaching Certification

1. Safety first! As a very safety conscious person I was prepared for this section of the certification training. Every practice and race I come prepared with my coaches bag of tools and band aids and snacks. I never kid about safety. But I did learn how to better explain our safety plan for our boathouse and traveling to our team.

2. Teaching technique. There are probably thirty different ways to row and everyone is comfortable teaching a different way. What I thought was interesting was talking about the different ways that student athletes learn. We discussed athletes who learn better by having the technique explained to them, and the challenge of new vocabulary for novice rowers. We also discussed different ways to demonstrate and actually show the athletes the technique.

3. Developing training programs. The most interesting piece to me was getting to ask questions about how to properly plan the intensity and volume of workouts. The example that they used in this course was the training program that our national team follows. Now I can take that program and adapt it for our season and our training phases. Probably lower the intensity a little bit.

4. Fun fact! Did you know the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen was established all the way back in 1872? It was the first national amateur team sport organization in the United States. A century later it was renamed the United States Rowing Association.

5. Nutrition. Of course they included nutrition ad diet in their certification training! I have to admit, this section needs a little updating, but romaine calm they have plenty of thyme to fix it.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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