Five Facts About Boswelia

Boswelia has claimed to be a rather effective natural anti-inflammatory herb. It is an herb that is very important in Ayurvedic medicine. You will often find in combination with other herbs to address specific issues. Boswelia is used to naturally treat many condition in the body. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Boswelia supports the normal function of the kidneys

  2. It helps to maintain and support healthy joints

  3. It can support healthy circulation

  4. Boswelia also provides antioxidant activity

  5. It is most commonly used to promote healthy inflammation response in the body.

I don’t feel that Boswelia is something that we should consider giving a power athlete. I personally have not yet seen enough research out there to promote the use of this herb. While it does have historical, religious, cultural, and medicinal importance, Boswellia has not been thoroughly studied yet, and the scientific data available does not yet support our knowledge of the traditional uses of it. Its very possible that it is a safe herb but I am very cautious when making recommendations about unregulated supplements and I value my client’s safety above anything else.

I do not think it is good that companies suggest other herbs to use in additional therapies. As I stated above, there is still much that do not know about each one and how the interact with each other.


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