How To Find the Right Plant Protein Powder for You

To all of the client sand athletes the I have had the pleasure of working with, I recommend food first before any supplement. However, protein powders are a highly convenient way to get recovery fuel in one your way home after a training session. So for those of you choosing to shop for a plant protein powder supplement, let’s consider the quality of the supplement first.

Here is what you should be asking:

1. Is it a reputable company? Do some research on the company and see if they do third party testing on the quality and safety of their product.

2. Are you getting only plant protein powder? Read the nutrition facts label and see if there are added fillers or artificial flavors. Those will not help make you stronger.

3. Is it NSF certified? This is very important for sports that require drug testing, like NCAA sports and other leagues.

4. Where is the protein sourced from? Is it organic? If these are things that are important to you when you are purchasing food than they should be important when you are purchasing protein powders.

5. Do you even need protein powder? Based on the training you are doing, it is possible that you do not need high amounts of protein or you can be getting your protein from food rather than supplement.

Vega, Garden of Life, and Sun Warrior are all great companies to start with if you'd like to try a protein powder. But lettuce think about olive the critical questions to ask first.


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