Five Facts About Glutamine

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. Many athletes will supplement this into their diet for muscle growth. This was always interesting to me because it has been proven beneficial to those suffering from trauma and burns and needing to support muscle growth, but we have not yet seen clear data showing healthy individuals gaining muscle due to glutamine supplementation. Here is what you need to know:

1. Glutamine is found in high levels in dietary meats and eggs and in very high levels in both whey and casein protein.

2. It has been found to be and effective intestinal and immune system health compound becasue these cells use glutamine as the preferred fuel source rather than glucose.

3. While the optimal dose is unknown, it is commonly recommended that an athlete will take 5g pre workout.

4. Being an amino acid, there are no known side effects from taking it. However, please use caution in taking any supplement.

5. It has been recorded that an increase in blood glucose may occur from direct conversion of glutamine into glucose following oral ingestion. Please be cautious.

This study listed below was limited in that it did not compare glutamine supplementation on its own. The results did suggest that creatine and creatine & glutamine together significantly increase body mass, lean body mass, and initial rate of power production during multiple cycle ergometer sessions. I would like to see further research.


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