Who is allowed to give nutrition advice?

I feel strongly about this issue- we all need to be very careful of where and who we are getting health and nutrition advice from.

Someone who takes a single Holistic Nutritionist course online is obviously not allowed to provide any level of clinical care. A writer or journalist covering a nutrition topic is not qualified to be giving nutrition advice. Some people seem to think that they can lose weight and then give advice to others. Plenty of people call themselves 'nutritionists' and post to blogs and instagram accounts, with no science to back up their recommendations. I have concerns with those who make recommendations to the public with no evidence based research to support it, because it is so easy to hurt someone that way. Each person is different, and not just in a 'everyone's weight loss journey' garbage story kind of way, but each person is different on a genetic and cellular level. One must be highly educated to provide nutrition advice that will not cause harm to anyone.

I recognize that at my level of training and education that I am only permitted to share general information. My blog presents information that is pulled from journals and research. It is then up to the reader to decide if this is information they wish to bring to their health care provider team and see if it is right for them. I do not provide individualized medical nutritional therapy yet.

When I switched my major to Dietetics during my undergrad I learned that only a Registered and Licensed Dietitian is legally allowed to provide nutrition care. To become such a professional, one must complete the four year Dietetics degree, complete the one year Dietetic Internship, and pass the national RD examination. This is a the person you want to work with when seeking any personal nutrition or diet help.

This required education and exam is how we regulate who gives nutrition advice in the United States. The very best Dietitians care more about public health and your well being than about making money and pleasing followers.

I am on this path and am working very hard every day to learn as much as I can to better serve my community. BS in Dietetics? Check. MS in Nutrition and Human Performance? Check. Dietetic Internship? That is my next step and I am so looking forward to it!

Check your facts! And happy snacking!

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