How To Use Caffeine For Athletic Performance

As someone who does not drink coffee or energy drinks, I have found that I am much more sensitive to caffeine than the average person. Before longer rows I might drink matcha or green tea and that is the most caffeine I will take in. I am not sure if it is the caffeine content that I feel helps, or if its all in my head. The placebo effect could be exactly what is happening here. Do you know how sensitive you are to caffeine? Here is what you need to know:

1. Something that I found very interesting in this weeks reading was that taking caffeine before exercising takes about 15 minutes to be recognized in the bloodstream, but about 30-45 minutes to be at peak availability.

2. Caffeine comes from coffee beans, but it can also be synthesized in a laboratory. It has the same structure whether it’s in coffee, energy drinks, tea or pills.

3. There are claims that it can stimulate mental and physical performance. Sounds like the perfect supplement for erg testing, right?

4. Typically 5-13 mg/kg of body weight is used. I did find an interesting study testing lower doses of about 3 mg/kg of body weight.

5. This is one supplement that can show different side effects for different people. Please, if you are going to try this, start at a small does and increase if necessary.

Good luck!


Spriet LL. Exercise and sport performance with low doses of caffeine. Sports Med. 2014 Nov;44 Suppl 2:S175-84.

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