How To Get Involved In Sports Nutrition

If you are looking to beef up your resume or just looking to investigate the field a little more, here are a few places to get you involved in the Sports Nutrition world.

Nutrition clubs on campus are a great way to volunteer and they will partner up with teams to give talks about proper fuel and hydration.

Local Sports Dietitians may allow you to shadow them once or each week. They are your best resorce to reach out to.

Your schools Keinesiology or Nutrition Department may have research going on that you can volunteer and be involved with. is the Colegiate and Professional Sports Dietetic Association and they offer fantastic webinars. They also offer a student membership at a resonable price giving you access to their listserv.

Club or varsity sports teams are often looking for volunteers to help with water coolers, and being their can give you some insight to what its like.

Your schools athletic department or local high school athletic department may be looking for volunteers to create digitable or print materials for them about the benefits of nutrition. is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. They offer conferences and webniars to make keep up with nutrition research easy.

Good luck!

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