How to Pick The Right Protein Powder For You

First, lets start by discussing the supplement industry. It is not regulated by the FDA or any food association. This means that you have no way of knowing exactly what you are buying and putting in your body. Is the correct amount of the substance in that pill? Are there any fillers or binders? Is it really that substance or is it something else? National retailers often get in trouble for selling fake powders and claiming they are herbal supplements.

Second, let me say that it is recommened by most dietitians that everyone get all of the major and minor nutrients that they require from food. However, to support myself through my undergrad I worked in a Natural Pharmacy that sold mostly supplements, and some food. Because supplements sell! Americans want a quick fix, its much easier to take a pill that to make a salad. So I know the supplement game. I worked closely with company reps and our team did a lot of product reseach before endorsing and selling any product.

So what I have for you is a short list of questions for you to start with. Do your our research too and figure out wich protein powder is best for you.

  • Are you looking for a plant based protein powder?

  • Does it contain anything you are allergic to?

  • Price per serving?

  • Grams of protein per serving?

  • Where do they source their ingrediants?

  • Are they organic?

  • Are they third party tested? (Most important question of all!)

Happy snacking!


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