How To Eat Your Electrolytes

Two weeks ago I talked about the importance of electrolytes when you are training or working out from more than an hour. You sweat them out and you need to start thinking aobut replacing them.

When most of us here that we need electrolytes to complete our proper hydration, we often reach for a sports drink. This can be a fine option, but remember that many of these drinks have added coloring and dyes in them. That is not something that is going to help you perform at your best.

So here are a few foods that will help you eat your electrolytes:


Any salty foods, or food that you sprinkle salt on


Any salty foods, or food that you add salt to

Tomatos, Olives, and Rye bread products


Beet greans, White beans, Avocado, Potatos, and Acorn Squash


Spinach, Pumpkin seeds, Lima beans, Brown rice, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate (85% cocoa)


Spinach, Black eyed peas, Okra, and Acorn Squas


Lentils, Squash, Pumpkin seeds, and Quinoa

When you work with a Sports RD, they will complete sweat tests that will allow them to better understand how much electrolytes you are losing during different levels of training. From that data they can make a personalized recommendation for you as to how you can replenish electrolytes.

Happy snacking!


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