How To Stay Motivated

Keeping motivated to live an active and plant based lifestyle can be challenging in a world that is telling us to eat meet and binge watch TV shows. The question that I get most often is how do I stay motivated?I am not here to tell any what to do or how to live their life. I do think that we need to consider how our lifestyle impact others and impacts the planet.

These recommendations are not based on any research, so

1. Look to your role models. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is one of my role models. She does an excellent job of translated data and research for the public to better understand what science is actually telling us. Meghan OLeary is one of my favorite olympic rowers. Her story of how she found rowing is amazing to me. These are just two of the awesome people that inspire me to live a positive lifestlye and to help others do so too.

2. Find a group of friends or a training partner with similar goals. Doing this can certainly help with holding yourself and others accountable. They can ever bee virtual training partners. On the Concept2 training log you can join teams and track your erg workouts together!

3. Create an environment that encourages a healthy lifestlye. My favorite example of this is the kitchen pantry. If your kitchen is filled with junk food, than my friend you are going to eat junk food. If your kitchen is stocked with fresh produce and healthy snacks, than it will be much easier to eat a plant based diet.

4. Break up you goal into smaller steps. Everyones health is a journey. I personally have not heard of anyone becoming vegan overnight or completing any ultra races without significant training. So lets make some smaller steps to accomplish along the way. Maybe try eating less dairy. Maybe try joining a softball league.

5. Write yourself a letter. It can be short, just a few lines telling yourself why you are making healthy changes in your life. It can be a sticky not on your bathroom mirror or a note on your phone that you read each day. Positive self talk is a big step towards motivation. Understanding why you want to do something can help you to achieve it.

Ultimately, your motivation to live a positive and healthy life has to come from within. If you start jogging because someone said you should, you might not love jogging. But if you decide that you want to be more active and you try a several differnt activities and find that you love hiking and swimming, than you are much more likely to stay motivated to being active.

Story time - I love snacks. Inbetween classes I like to have a snack before I teach the same Health Class six times in one day. The teachers room often has snacks but they are not the most healthy choices. So I make shure to always have aprocotes or almonds or banana chips or homemade energy bites with me each day. That is one way I keep myself motivated, if I have health snacks I eat those instead of cookies.

Happy snacking!

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