How To Find Organic Food

Organically grown produce is a topic I am certainly passionate about. As someone who eats a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, I have very strong opinions about big agriculture practices. Eating organic is better for our bodies becasue you are avoiding toxic pesticide residue. Plus, these pesticides and harmful fertizes have cause a multitude of environmental problems.

So what can we do about this? We can use our dollar to vote! By seeking out local organic foods we are investing in those farmers. Now not everyone may have an organic local farmer down the street from them, so I have a few suggestions how to find them.

  • Thrive Market has a wide variety of organic canned and packaged foods. They also have fantastic prices and ship right to your door.

  • I have to list that most grocery stores do have an organic section of their produce, so you can start there and at least get some produce.

  • Organic Matters is a new site that was recommended to me. I like that you can buy grains and nuts in bulk, which is wonderful for larger families or if you have the space to store it.

  • CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and they are wonderful. Each one may be a little different, but they typically work by you paying upfront for a season of produce and each week your farm (or awesome group of farms) would give you a box of produce. Win win. Farms need money at the begining of the season for seeds and labor, and you need produce each week.

  • Navitas Orgnaics is so delisious. I think their dried fruits might be my favorite, but it is hard to pick. They produce nuts, seeds, dried fruit, energy bites, and powders. Easy ingrediants to superfood up your diet. And fantastic on the go snacks too.

  • GT's Living Organic is another personal favorite of mine. You may recognize their Synergy Kombucha, which is cultured tea. It is naturally rich with probiotics, amino acids, polyphenols and active enzymes.

  • Bragg Live Foods is another wonderful company and all of their products are organic too.

Happy snacking!


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