How To Balance Your Copper And Zinc

Copper and Zinc are essential minerals that our bodies use for many functions, such as improved recovery and immune health. The important piece to understand is that an excess of copper can lead to a deficiency of zinc, and vise vera, because of how that balance in your body.

Foods high in Zinc:

  1. Hemp seeds

  2. Lentils

  3. Oatmeal

  4. Pumpkin seeds

  5. Chickpeas*

  6. Cocoa powder

  7. Cashews*

  8. Mushrooms*

  9. Spinach

Foods high in Copper:

  1. Raw kale

  2. Mushrooms*

  3. Sesame seeds

  4. Cashews*

  5. Chickpeas*

  6. Prunes

  7. Avocados

Happy snacking!


Cousins RJ. Metallothionein--aspects related to copper and zinc metabolism. J Inherit Metab Dis. (1983)

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