Five Reasons To Try A Plant Based Diet

1. It can prevent or reverse chronic disease.

The famous China Study is the most comprehensive example of this. Diets high in fiber and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables have been shown to reverse conditions like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes. Diets high in animal products, like meat and dairy, have been proven to lead to Cancers and Heart Disease.

2. Its cheap.

The cost of animal products and highly processed foods adds up quickly. Buying grains in bulk and fresh produce tends to add up to a small grocery bill each week. Plus, shopping at your local farmers market can be even better than the grocery store.

3. Many people find healthy weight management.

This is different for everyone. However, what often happens is people find they can eat much more on a plant based diet because you can eat veggies slices all day long without gaining weight. Typically diets higher is fiber and water content keeping you fuller longer, better hydrated, and your plumbing regular (if you know what I mean!). All of which can lead to maintaining a healthy weight.

4. It can be as simple or as adventerus as youd like.

If you like variety and cooking and experimenting, there is a great number of combinations of grains, beans, vegetables, and nuts that you can explore. If you like to keep it simple, then you can stick to your rice and beans and seasonal veggies. You don't have to 'give up' any of your junk foods either. There are more and more meat replacements on the market each day, because there is a demand for it!

5. It boosts athletic performance.

And nothing can beet that! I have seen athletes waste money on stacks of supplements before they evaluate their diet. Big mistake. Start with the basics. Simplifying your diet to more plant based snakcs and meals can reduce inflammation and improve recovery. More and more top athletes are seeing great benefits from reducing their intake of animals products.

Happy snacking!


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