Book Review: Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

There is too much garbage information on the internet these days. Don't even get me started on the nutrition and diet "facts" out there, just floating around tricking people left and right. Watch out!

Nancy Clark is one of the most well respected Sports Dietitians. Her guidebook is a great reference for any athlete. I recommend this book to all of my student athletes who are starting to show interest in how to best fuel themselves and who are asking the right questions. I also frequently refer to it.

Here are five things that make this guide a worth while read:

1. In her book, she includes tables of most common foods and their nutrient content. Just one for example, is the table of the protein content of whole grains. It is an easy comparison so you make the best selection for you diet requirements.

2. She address the fact that plant based athletes exist and she includes them in sections of the book, like the tables of protein requirements and the list of supplements and energy bars.

3. Almost every topic in her book has a 'Fact or Fiction' section. Yes! Let's get the facts straight! She breaks it down for you and not only answer if it is fact or fiction, but she explain why.

4. What stood out the most to me was that she included a thorough chapter about disordered eating and food obsessions. This is a difficult subject with many athletes and it is not talked about enough. Read this chapter twice.

5. Nancy Clark's recommendations are practical and effective. She gives you the knowledge to incorporate smart nutrition choices on your performance plate. No crazy rules. No cutting out or limiting necessary foods groups (like carbs!). No restricting. Just evidence based practices.

This is my review of the fifth edition of her book. I am purchasing the sixth edition very soon (as soon as I finish the 12 other books I have started and haven't finished yet.), and I will have some notes for you all then.

Happy snacking!

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