How To Read The New Nutrition Facts Label

Its about time we got an upgrade! Take a look at each of these foods labels. You may see both of these versions of the nutrition facts label in stores now. The label on the left is the old nutrition facts label and we are transitioning to using only the label on the right.

Notice the serving size and the calorie count of the product. These have both been changed and updated in the new version of the panel. This change was made to better understand portion sizes and calorie density of each portion. On many products they we are more likely to eat the entire container of, like ice creams, sodas, and chips, there will be an additional column telling you how much or each nutrient and calories is in the whole container.

The Total Carbohydrate has been updated to included not just the Total Sugar but also the Added Sugar in the product. This is sugar added to the product in addition to the naturally occurring sugars (remember, thats what carbohydrates are and they are good for us).

The micronutrients, or the vitamin and minerals, listed at the bottom have been updated from Vitamin A, C, Calcium, and Iron to Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium. This change occurred due to findings that stated Americans generally eat enough Vitamin A and Vitamin C, but not enough Vitamin D ad Potassium.

Lastly, notice that the Percent daily values chart at the bottom of the facts has been removed for simplicity.

Take a look next time you are in the grocery store looking for healthy snacks to fuel your training!

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