How To Plan For Traveling And Eating Well

Traveling can throw a wrench in your regular training routine, but when your race schedule involves traveling for out of state races then the best we can do is plan ahead for it. Proper nutrition can make or break a race performance. Here are a few things to consider when traveling and sticking to your good eating habits:

Know your schedule for race day and for the days leading up to. Be aware of what meals you can bring with you and what you will have to find when you get there. Count up how many meals and snacks you need to plan for. I like to draft a quick menu for myself to make sure I can eat very similar foods to what I usually eat. Trying new foods before a race can be risky.

Bring foods that you might not be able to get there. You can fly and drive with many non perishable foods, like dried fruits, nuts, and granola bars. I like to pack a handful of Larabars and dried fruit and nut mixes when I fly because I hate buying airport food.

Look up grocery stores in the area where the race is held. Having fresh fruits and veggies once you arrive is better than relying too much on prepared foods. Remember not to try new foods or supplements and run the risk of feeling sick on the day of your race. I like to try to find grocery stores that I know have brands that I like too.

Traveling with a larger water bottle may be necessary. Empty it before you fly (no liquids over 3 oz), but fill it afterwards. Traveling with more water on hand can help reduce the risk of running out and not being able to refill at a trustworthy source. Depending on where you are traveling and racing, you may want to drink only bottled water.

Happy snacking :)

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