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Work with an expert to improve your nutrition readiness and tactical performance.


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Jenna Stedman, MS, RD
Owner & Tactical Dietitian

Jenna is one of your resources as you build and fuel your body to maximize your athletic performance and tactical readiness. She has helped hundreds of Soldiers reach their ACFT goals, achieve their desired body composition, and prepare to fuel for schools and field trainings.

"I have witnessed how difficult it is to meet the military fitness standards without proper nutrition care. It means the world to me that I get to be the one to aid Soldiers in their personal mission for excellent health and their professional missions for our country."


She received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition Science from the University of New Hampshire and her Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University. Jenna completed her Dietetic Internship at the White River Junction VA Medical Center. She is a candidate for her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from Kansas University Medical Center, expecting to finish her research and graduate in 2023.


Jenna is part of the O2X Human Performance H2F team as the Tactical Dietitian for the Massachusetts National Guard and absolutely loved her job. She was the first H2F Tactical Dietitian for the Indiana Army and Army National Guard. 


"My maternal grandfather was a Marine and my paternal grandfather was an engineer for the Navy. They each were brilliant and resilient; two traits that I aspire to be. My career helping Soldiers achieve great health and meet their deployment standards started with the example they set for me. I have been some type of student-athlete all my life.


In high school and undergrad, I began to discover the connection between how well I ate and how well I raced. However, I was still concerned if what I was reading was true or the latest fad. I went to school for a long time so I can now fulfill my mission to educate every level of athletes and Soldiers on how to maximize their performance output through nutrition based on the latest research."

Are you struggling to meet the
Army Body Composition Standards?

Do you
travel frequently and struggle to manage your nutrition pattern?

Are you aiming to build mass and lean muscle?

Do you have any health conditions that have flagged
you as non-deployable?

Is your goal to max out the Army Combat Fitness Test?

Are you a Master Fitness Trainer aiming to improve the health of your unit?

Are you feeling excessive fatigue or frequent injuries?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked yet?

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The Nutrition

For soldiers looking for answers to their nutrition concerns, the NRP is the unique program for you.


Together we will apply a specific nutrition blueprint to your goals and I will hold you accountable for it.


I have full confidence that every Soldier can reach their goals; you may just need an expert in your corner. My four-phase program is a clear path to success.

Let's get to work!

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   Nutrition Readiness Program   

Phase 1


Plan program outcomes

Assess health status

Phase 2


Get your results

Evaluate meal plan guides

Phase 3

Phase 4

Proven success!


Test performance habits


Maintain new habits and goals

NRP Private Clients seek help for

Fueling for the ACFT
Prep for Schools and Trainings
Training Recovery
Eating to Build Muscle
Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
Dietary Supplement Usage
Weight Loss or Weight Gain
Eating during Schools and Trainings
Food Allergies
Injury Prevention and Recovery
Support After LifeFit

Picking Fruits

Apply to Work with Me
in The
Nutrition Readiness Program

Step 1: Please submit your application to with the subject line "Nutrition Readiness Program Application".

Step 2: I will schedule a call with you to discuss if the Nutrition Readiness Program is a good fit for you. I only have enough time to devote to a certain number of clients and need to be sure that each one is ready and wanting to improve their nutrition.

Step 3: If selected, we will then schedule your first individual nutrition counseling session and begin the program.

After you have completed your Nutrition Readiness Program, you are still not done. You will have continued support from me and other NRP graduates for lifelong success.


Note: All appointments are conducted virtually, and cannot currently accept insurance as payment for my services.

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Nutrition Strategy Clinics

If you or your unit is looking for a deeper dive into how nutrition can improve Soldier outcomes, then the strategy clinics are perfect for you.


Each month there will be four Monday night classes or four Thursday night classes - sign up for whichever night works best for your schedule. 


All clinic participants will receive a digital booklet with handouts and information on the topics covered.

Easy sign-up - there is no application for clinics.

Looking forward to working with all of you!